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[plurk writing prompts] heartbeat;

... so yeah hi guys. uh. long time no post? whoops.

so I had gotten some prompts a few weeks ago, figured I might as well put up and actually post them once I finish - all of these will feature various OCs, so if you're interested in looking more into them, let me know! They're all in various stages of writing out their info pages, so. pls bear with me.

prompt: heartbeat
character: Yun Jinsun ([personal profile] downfalling ), brief mentions of others
note: this takes place in an AU where Jin got turned and takes place some time after he and the others had forcefully severed the bond between him and his maker (ref. - cw for slight gore and Justin and Jin being general filth and surprisingly awkward)

If there was one thing that was both unnerving and yet oddly soothing at the same time considering his newfound state, it was the fact that Jin could hear and feel the heartbeats of those still living. At first, it was maddening, the sounds clawing at his brain until he fed (though sometimes it still terrified him how easily he had adapted, considering certain events in the past and his general high-key hatred of vamps in general); but after, it was a reminder that were plenty of others that were still alive and able to take up his cause in his stead.

There’s a flash of memory – a woman with a scarred face and sharp grin that made her look more like her vampire ancestors than a human; a man with his hair tied back messily pouring over various texts, grinning as he shows Jin various passages that might help him with his next hunt –

He wonders what their heartbeats sound like. He pauses, keeping to the shadows until he reaches the rooftops, now standing still as a statue from his perch. Knowing Molly’s new connections after everything, she probably at least had an idea on what had happened to him. Considering what he put her through, however, he isn’t surprised that she was keeping her distance. Honestly, he would be surprised if she ever came around unless she was dispatched on a mission.

He shakes his head. It didn’t matter. Even if he wanted more closure than a halfhearted threat to kill him if he had showed up in front of her again (he probably would never forget that flicker of pity in her eyes, so unlike her and also infuriating at the same time), there was probably too much between them –

He shuts his eyes, pushing that out of the way for the moment. No point. Right now, he needed to focus on figuring out his next meal. He needed to get used to hunting on his own – and even though there were others that were at least somewhat willing to help him with this, he knew they wouldn’t always be there to assist or to save him if he had gotten tangled up in something else. He had been a hunter before, and the knowledge and instincts that had come before his turning hadn’t been forgotten. He knew to stick to the seedier parts of town, to crowded clubs and places with people that either were less-than-reputable or in large enough groups that one or two wouldn’t be missed until it was far too late. The sounds of multiple heartbeats that reached his ears had caused his fangs to slide out a bit while he was trying to pick out one for tonight’s meal – he figured it would be better to do this now early in the evening rather than wait until he was almost completely overtaken by the bloodthirst. Probably safer, too. He knew that hunters were more likely to try and stake out at later points in the evening – vamps tended to want to wait for a few hours until they were awake before feeding, but even in life, Jin was usually fairly quick to wake up.

It’s right about then that he feels something – a faint pulse under his skin. Jin pauses as he was about to jump down and blend into the crowds, unnaturally still while he was trying to figure this out. As far as he knew, vampires didn’t have heartbeats of their own – Tarr had even said it before when they were on their way to take out Jin’s maker – that vamps were powered by magic and willpower. A heartbeat shouldn’t be possible. He was undead now. But the feeling was undeniable – that was his heartbeat – somehow.

He slinks back into the shadows, away from the cacophony of pulses to try and focus on this. He had to make sure that this wasn’t some sort of weird delusion that came with the whole neck-biter package. He’d be lying if he didn’t find this potential new discovery morbidly fascinating.

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